Letters to the Editor: ‘Done’ with COVID? Thank God our grandparents weren’t ‘done’ with World War II

Bill Maher performs during a comedy festival at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2016.
Bill Maher performs during a comedy festival at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2016.
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To the editor: Thanks to Michael Hiltzik for his insightful and well-researched column on comments made by comedian and talk show host Bill Maher minimizing the current severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, while we all are experiencing frustration and fatigue from pandemic-related restrictions, listening to the flippant attitude of pundits like Bari Weiss on Maher’s show doesn’t help to unify us in meeting this national and global challenge.

Perhaps Weiss should take a page from our ancestors, whom I’m sure, after years of sacrifice, might have felt “done” with World War II and other world crises. Many in past generations came together to face hardship with persistent determination and selfless courage.


In contrast, Weiss presents a disturbing caricature of millennial self-centeredness that is so often the target of Maher’s ridicule.

Susan Dunn, Valley Glen


To the editor: Hiltzik completely misses the point of Maher’s position on government COVID-19 measures. Maher fully understands the carnage this virus has and continues to wreak. He just points out that it’s almost entirely among the unvaccinated.

If you’re fully vaccinated and do not have the well-known risk factors, such as serious asthma or obesity, then your chances of hospitalization are very small, and your chances of dying are miniscule.

If you’re not fully vaccinated, then you’ve ignored every warning from every expert. You are no longer my responsibility. Let the rest of us go back to our lives.

I agree with Maher in that we should target our response to the disease. As a small business owner, I’m ready to accommodate employees who cannot be protected by vaccination. As a citizen, I support plenty of equipment, pay and time off for healthcare workers. But as a parent, I’m fed up with my vaccinated child not being able to fully experience school and friends.

Government should keep vaccinations free. It should keep shouting good advice. But for those of us who have taken the advice, leave us alone.

Joel Karafin, Los Angeles


To the editor: As a longtime fan of Maher, I’m in lock step with Hiltzik with regard to Maher’s strange reaction to the pandemic.

Normally rational and fact-based, Maher has become rather hysterical in his oversimplification and dismissal of anyone choosing to still wear masks. I tend to believe his rant is schtick rather than a disavowal of science.

Yes Mr. Maher, we’re sick to death of this COVID-19 buzz kill, but masks do prevent viral transmission. Period.

Greg Hilfman, Topanga


To the editor: How is “done with COVID” different from “done with traffic lights”? It has been a long time since anyone died at Wilshire and Sepulveda, so because the traffic lights have worked so well we can take them out.

Keith Price, Los Angeles