Letters to the Editor: ‘Kids are fine with masks’ is a bad excuse for still requiring them in school

A student sits inside a classroom at Brooklyn Avenue Elementary in East Los Angeles on Aug. 18, 2021.
(Madeleine Hordinski / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The editorial board writes, “As we’ve noted before, kids are now used to wearing masks and seldom complain.” I have schoolchildren who would beg to differ.

I fully supported wearing masks from Day One. I have two heart transplant recipients in my extended family in Los Angeles. When required, I happily wore my mask indoors and outdoors and still do. I am a grown woman who can read other people’s eyes and body language, but children are in the process of learning how to do just that.

I saw tens of thousands of unmasked fans at SoFi Stadium on Sunday watching the Rams win the Super Bowl. Almost everyone at the game was an adult, and this was just two weeks after our governor and the mayor of Los Angeles were photographed at SoFi unmasked.


Our children have gotten the short end of the stick since the start of this pandemic. I fear the day when the repercussions of our decisions become clear. Let children enjoy school, sports and other activities without masks immediately.

High-quality masks will protect those who choose to wear them. Vaccinations and boosters will keep us from stressing our hospitals, doctors, nurses and other medical workers. Masking kids in school is the wrong answer.

Kiera Strain, Los Angeles


To the editor: Within your news report on loosening mandates it is stated that unvaccinated individuals are to continue wearing masks when going to indoor settings. However, who is to know whether these unmasked individuals are truly vaccinated or not?

If these unvaccinated people begin to go out unmasked, it puts others at risk of becoming sick, especially those who are either too young to get vaccinated or are medically exempt from vaccination.

It seems as though the mask mandate should continue until the impact of the Omicron variant has reduced.


Nyomi Mansoor, Placentia


To the editor: Everyone is excited about changes in regard to mask wearing. Unfortunately, the “fine print” about wearing masks is often not included (though some if it was in your article) but is important.

Masks continue to be required in medical facilities and long-term care homes.

I volunteer at a hospital, and we are constantly being challenged by people who are defiant about masking. Please remember to include this requirement when reporting about masks.

Heather Gerson, Laguna Woods