Letters to the Editor: Stop dumping on public schools. They went through a pandemic too

Students in masks have their temperatures taken outside school
Students are screened before entering Elysian Heights Elementary Arts Magnet in Los Angeles on Jan. 14.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Here we go again .

A poll co-sponsored by The Times indicates dissatisfaction with public schools in California. After acknowledging the obvious about the pandemic restrictions, the rest of the article cites many other systemic reasons.

But the general tone of the article, including the headline, gives the impression that the schools (teachers and administrators) are at fault.

As a retired educator, I experienced the general deterioration of so many norms in education. It’s hard for teachers to compete with smartphones, poor nutrition, chaotic home lives and lack of opportunities.


We don’t honor and appreciate the teachers enough. They are underpaid but expected to mentor, counsel and teach classes with large discrepancies in abilities among the students.

I had thought that parents, having taken on a greater role in their children’s education with remote learning during the pandemic, would better understand the amazing jobs teachers do. The Times could do more to research solutions and promote support for public schools — or at least choose not to be so negative.

Marty Wilson, Whittier


To the editor: So parents and voters (many one and the same) lose trust in public education due to the challenges posed by the pandemic?

Did anyone lose trust in themselves for things they couldn’t do well during the pandemic (like keeping weight off)?

People, come on. Face difficulties without blaming others, and be strong. This is what we need right now.

Scott W. Hamre, Cherry Valley, Calif.