Letters to the Editor: What’s the difference between liberal and conservative ex-Californians?

New home construction is in progress in Boise, Idaho.
New home construction is in progress in Boise, Idaho, which has seen an influx of ex-Californians in recent years.
(Otto Kitsinger / For The Times)

To the editor: What’s the difference between a conservative moving to a pleasant state like Idaho and an elitist moving to a purple state like Colorado? (“Realtors to conservatives living in liberal areas: Try Idaho,” March 7)

The conservatives want to make friends with the local people who often think like they do. The liberals crave attention by being condescending and obnoxious, and by showing how superior they are compared to the local folks.

What’s really sad is that the liberals don’t like the mess they’ve made in states like California or New York, so they’re buying getaway homes in “flyover” states in order to get some peace and quiet. Could it be that the elitists are fleeing from the maelstrom that they’ve created in the liberal strongholds on the coasts and elsewhere?


Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


To the editor: Ultra-right wingers are moving to Idaho, and a Realtor says blue states have only themselves to blame.

Well, I am not sorry to see these people go. I have no desire to live among people who want to walk around openly armed and who refuse to get vaccinated, thus of course getting desperately ill and clogging up hospital emergency rooms.

California was getting crowded anyway since so many people want to live here. I wish the emigrants a good journey.

Erica Hahn, Monrovia