Letters to the Editor: Debating Israel’s law banning Palestinian spouses from Gaza and the West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett adjusts his face mask during a Cabinet meeting
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett adjusts his face mask during a Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Dec. 19, 2021.
(Abir Sultan / Associated Press)

To the editor: Jews who have struggled against discrimination in many places are now, in Israel, discriminating against Arabs who have long lived in Palestine by banning citizenship or even residency of Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens because of “security.”

The “security” this achieves is to reduce the number of children born to Palestinian parents who are not Jews. Apparently, a Jewish state can only be secure if the great majority of inhabitants are Jews.

How does this discrimination in a so-called democratic state differ from discrimination based on religion, race or ethnicity?


Doris Isolini Nelson, Los Angeles


To the editor: Israeli Arabs may have restrictions for bringing non-Israeli spouses into Israel; however, they are free to live anywhere else.

There is a huge Arab and Islamic world out there. Every family should be able to find somewhere they can be together.

Were Israel to accept every Arab who marries an Israeli citizen to live in Israel, no doubt many new marriages will be announced. Israel could become a non-Jewish majority country within years.

This is not in Israel’s interest.

Len Bennett, Deerfield Beach, Fla.


To the editor: The renewal of a 2003 law by the Israeli parliament that prevents residency and Israeli citizenship for West Bank or Gaza Strip Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens is a loser. It’s effectively a law that determines whom you can love and marry.

That looks and sounds inhumanely draconian.

Richard Z. Fond, Sherman Oaks