Letters to the Editor: Don’t listen to armchair warriors on sending U.S. troops to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Some Times readers have called for a more direct U.S. response to aggression by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, seen in Moscow on March 10.
(Mikhail Klimentyev / Associated Press)

To the editor: Reading letters imploring the nation’s leaders to take the battle to Russia, it is obvious to me these writers have no concept of being amid the horrors of war, nor have they been in a position to make such life-and-death decisions, let alone one that would trigger the ultimate worldwide calamity.

There is no palatable decision here. I am just glad we have calm reasonable leaders who won’t be swayed by emotion and continue to seek a way through this horrible period of inhumanity.

Felipe Hernandez, Glendale



To the editor: I’m amazed, though maybe I shouldn’t be, that some readers actually think getting involved in a war with someone threatening to use nuclear weapons is acceptable.

If these readers just don’t care about what nuclear fallout may occur, they should consider that some people aren’t ready to die a miserable death from radiation poisoning.

Les Hartzman, Los Angeles


To the editor: A letter writer asked the preposterous question with regard to Russia, “Is our propaganda machine so different?” The answer couldn’t be more obvious.

In America, information is not the monopoly of a single source. It’s not dominated by the government.

Those who express disagreement with the government do not automatically and immediately end up in jail. The leader of the opposition party in the U.S. doesn’t meet the same fate as Alexei Navalny, poisoned and then sent to jail for years.

It’s one thing to criticize America. It’s quite another to ignorantly equate the U.S. with places where people can only dream about our freedoms.

Andrew Kadar, Beverly Hills