Letters to the Editor: The disgusting presence of a billionaire’s money in the L.A. mayor race

Rick Caruso holds up his hands while speaking at a microphone
Businessman Rick Caruso speaks during a mayoral debate March 22 on the USC campus.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The mayoral campaign in Los Angeles is a perfect example of the sad state of politics in America. Rick Caruso is able to use his vast wealth to spread propaganda that can’t be matched by the other candidates. (“Karen Bass and Rick Caruso in dead heat, L.A. mayoral poll finds,” April 11)

Why hasn’t California enacted laws that limit the total expenditures for a candidate in an election? This would create a level field where propaganda is limited and not dominated by the wealthy.

Up until about 10 years ago, Caruso was a lifelong Republican. For a period he had no party registration, and only recently he became a Democrat because of the stench of the Trump years.


Once again voters need to listen to the actual words spoken by the candidates and not the ads. Caruso speaks pure Republican ideology. I cannot vote against Caruso, as I do not live in the city of Los Angeles. However, the mayor has influence far beyond the city. I fully expect that he will be elected because people are programmed to believe what they see online and on TV.

We had a failed experiment with a developer as president. Can’t we learn from our mistakes?

William Lawrence, Duarte


To the editor: I believe that your coverage of the mayoral race is shallow at best.

We already know about Caruso’s wealth, his suits and his yacht. Try writing more about his success in Los Angeles, including his mall developments. Write more about how he has hired and worked with his staff.

This is where you can add to the options available in this election.

Kevin Minihan, Los Angeles


To the editor: A more on-point headline for Monday’s front-page story on Caruso would have been, “Poll shows wealth, fear mongering can buy power.”


There, I fixed it for you.

Marcy Miroff Rothenberg, Porter Ranch


To the editor: The reason Caruso has risen so quickly in the polls is due to his precise, clear and concise messaging that resonates with voters.

There have been other candidates in other elections who poured buckets of their own money into their political campaigns with little payback.

Mary Kay Gordon, Santa Monica


To the editor: If Caruso is reading, I want him to know that I resent receiving the full-color, glossy mailer sent to me recently, dripping with evidence of campaign money. I have tuned out his ubiquitous TV ads.

So far, Caruso has had the field entirely to himself, more than likely because his opponents must conserve their money until later.


I sincerely hope that my fellow Angelenos will not allow Caruso to buy the mayor’s office. Too many things are happening around the country where money is doing the talking, and common sense takes a back seat.

Carol Levin, Woodland Hills