Letters to the Editor: Does Mater Dei even care about assaulted teenagers?

Mater Dei head coach Bruce Rollinson reacts after the team defeated Servite in 2021.
Mater Dei head football coach Bruce Rollinson reacts after the team won the Division 1 CIF Southern championship on Nov. 26, 2021, in Long Beach.
(Kyusung Gong)

To the editor: With news of yet another assault allegation involving football players, I am upset that Mater Dei evidently continues to allow this form of hazing and bullying to go on and on.

Is it because the Catholic Church is so powerful that the school can continue to cover up such deplorable behavior? I gasped at the Diocese of Orange’s attorney who said it isn’t hazing, since the youngster wasn’t pledging a social club.

Listen carefully, parents: These are young people who will be forever scarred by such violent acts. I am a former high school teacher and am dismayed that this behavior continues to go on.


Cassie Bryer, Los Angeles


To the editor: Any truth to the rumor that Mater Dei High School is changing its name to “Our Lady With a Vicious Right Hand”?

The alleged actions occurring at this school are extremely concerning. There is definitely a lack of ethics and integrity within the athletics department, and longtime head football coach Bruce Rollinson needs to be dismissed immediately. His win-at-all-costs attitude is certainly not in the best interest of the student athletes.

If Rollinson is unable to address what happens in the locker room, then find someone who can provide the proper controls and protect the students.

P.R. Brownell, Orange


To the editor: Close Mater Dei now, or at least put all of its sports programs on a suspension from playoff participation for the next several years.


And then lose Rollinson. The man appears more interested in his next football championship than he is about his teen players.

There is a rot at Mater Dei that will not end until a complete housekeeping is done along with a full accounting of what very well may be years and years of misconduct.

Mike Aguilar, Costa Mesa