Letters to the Editor: The British monarchy needs to go, say Anglo-American readers

Queen Elizabeth II with members of the British royal family.
Queen Elizabeth II, second from left, stands with other members of the British royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday.
(Alastair Grant / Associated Press)

To the editor: Should Queen Elizabeth II be the last British monarch? Absolutely. The British royal family is an anachronism.

As an Anglo-American, I know visitors do not visit Britain to see the queen. Many visitors travel to Britain because of its rich history, to enjoy the gorgeous countryside, perhaps to drink in one of the ubiquitous pubs and generally to soak up the lifestyle.

Buckingham Palace and some of the other royal residences should be opened up to the paying public. I am sure the queen could live in comfort in a country estate with a second home in Scotland, which she loves so much.


I applaud Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex — yes, his wife does have a title, even as an American.

Rita Burton, Cambria


To the editor: I am British and a republican, which is to say that I support Britain becoming a republic. Whether the crown is mooching off British taxpayers, or whether the economy gains from tourism associated with the queen, does not interest me. I base my opinion on the Enlightenment idea of equality.

When someone meets the queen, they are supposed to bow or curtsy, thereby acknowledging that, by an accident of her birth, she is their social superior.

Were I to meet the queen, I would treat her with exactly the same level of respect I would show to anyone else. There would be no bowing or curtsying from me — especially the curtsying.

Richard Jackson, Arroyo Grande