Letters to the Editor: ‘We’ aren’t endangering children. Republicans are

Mourners visit a memorial to the 19 children and two teachers  killed in Uvalde, Texas.
Mourners visit a memorial to the 19 children and two teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas.
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I think the ambiguity of your “mostly, but not all, Republicans” statement smells a little too much like “both sides-ism.” It would be a lot more helpful if you were specific when you cite who is blocking progress on efforts to protect children.

On climate, almost all Democrats in Congress supported serious climate action in the Build Back Better plan. It passed the House, but two Democrats (Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema) and all 50 Republicans in the Senate killed it.

The same thing is true with gun control. The House has passed gun safety bills, but Republicans in the Senate block legislation, and two Democrats refuse to vote to modify the filibuster and make action on guns happen. If we had 52 Democrats in the Senate right now, action on climate change and guns would be a reality.


Republicans clearly oppose government solutions for any and all societal problems. I wish serious newspapers like The Times would call this reality as it is. If only 10 Republicans in the Senate supported climate or gun action, we would have solutions.

James Combs, Los Angeles


To the editor: As a grandparent who is an artist, I occasionally volunteer at my grandson’s school when they have art classes. Recently, I learned something scary.

There was a school emergency drill and I watched as the teacher locked the door and armed herself with a fire extinguisher, and students quietly ran under their desks, where they remained until the all-clear announcement was made.

Unfortunately, it brought back an all too clear vision of the “duck and cover” that I experienced in the 1950s. Even though this was in response to our nuclear threats, what I saw in that classroom recently seemed like a repeat performance.

I can just imagine what those poor children were going through in the last school shooting. We can no longer ask “what is the world coming to” because we have arrived at this dangerous juncture. We must do something on gun control.

Sherry Marger, Newport Beach



To the editor: Outstanding editorial. Congratulations and a big thank you. These things need to be said and repeated again and again.

Jean Lecuyer, Los Angeles