Letters to the Editor: How this Jan. 6 hearing spotlighted Trump’s attack on people of color

A woman speaks into a microphone
Shaye Moss, a former Georgia election worker targeted by Trump and some of his supporters, testifies to the House Jan. 6 committee on June 21.
(Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press)

To the editor: The testimony by two election workers from Fulton County, Ga., who were targeted and personally threatened based on false claims by former President Trump was disturbing and painful to watch.

The testimony of the two Black women also spotlighted the racist and defamatory thrust of Trump’s Big Lie. It’s no coincidence that Trump made allegations of election fraud in states, cities and counties with substantial populations of people of color. Trump’s false claims were in sync with the Republican Party’s established voter suppression efforts, which are based on spurious fears that people of color can’t be trusted with the vote and must be targeted, lest they foul our democratic voting system.

Of course, Trump, with his Big Lie, has fouled our democratic voting system beyond measure while defaming and damaging the private lives of conscientious election workers along the way. When will Trump be held accountable for even a portion of the harm he has done to persons and institutions?


D. Keith Naylor, South Pasadena


To the editor: Republicans could learn a thing or two from Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his deputy Gabriel Sterling. We need men like these in Washington, not the ersatz Republicans who claim to protect democracy. If they cared or dared to watch these officials’ testimonies on June 21, their heads should have exploded.

It was heartbreaking to hear the testimony of Georgia election worker Shaye Moss, who blamed herself for endangering her mother, Ruby Freeman, and grandmother. Trump and his allies lied about them, endangering their lives. There are no words dark enough to describe how Trump and his allies maliciously target people, endanger them and callously throw them under the bus.

Too bad that Bowers, Raffensperger, Sterling, Moss and Freeman cannot be cloned. They are the true patriots.

Donna Sloan, Los Angeles


To the editor: Can anyone imagine if former President Obama behaved like Trump in or out of the White House?


Imagine if Obama had gone out of his way to excuse a white supremacist mob.

Imagine if Obama had gone to the site of a natural disaster and tossed paper towels like footballs.

Imagine if Obama had tried to pressure a foreign leader into turning over information to undermine his opponent.

Imagine if Obama had plotted to overturn a presidential election that he had lost.

It is time to take prosecutorial action against Trump and his sycophants.

Bunny Landis, Oceanside