Letters to the Editor: Cassidy Hutchinson confirmed what we already knew about Trump’s incapacity

Cassidy Hutchinson, former top aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows
Cassidy Hutchinson, former top aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, arrives to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday.
(Oliver Contreras / Sipa USA)

To the editor: The testimony of Trump administration aide Cassidy Hutchinson was not necessary to determine that the former president was unhinged and depraved. Her recollection of what happened inside the White House on Jan. 6, 2021, should not be a surprise to anyone other than Donald Trump’s sycophants. (“‘I’m the f— president!’ Jan. 6 hearing showed an unhinged Trump — and why he should never lead again,” column, June 28)

The twice-impeached Trump has long displayed this behavior. In 2016, his infamous “Access Hollywood” recording, where he bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, leaked. He later excused these comments as “locker room talk.”

Communication between his supporters prior to Jan. 6 pointed to the prospect of violence that day. Trump was aware of the coup that was planned. According to Hutchinson, the president knew that people attending his speech on Jan. 6 were armed.


Trump has yet to express any remorse for his actions that day, including his failure to immediately call off the violent mob.

Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Beach


To the editor: Hutchinson gave the public an inside view of how several people in the Trump White House tried to defraud the American electorate. When their effort failed, the ex-president basically lost his mind and still is living in an alternate reality.

This behavior is nothing new for Trump.

More important and more relevant is why she was there. Hutchinson worked hard for Republican leaders and was proud of what was accomplished, only to have Trump destroy everything. Malignant narcissists do exactly that — destroy everything. It’s their nature.

It was important to her as a real American to let people know the truth from the inside.

Gene Tyrna, Trenton, Mich.


To the editor: Columnist Mark Z. Barabak’s opening paragraph (“Even still — after more than half a dozen years of jaw-dropping behavior —Donald Trump has the capacity to shock.”) hit it right on the head for me.


I thought my ability to be disgusted had been hopelessly burnt out. It’s hard to describe my feelings after Hutchinson’s testimony to the House Jan. 6 committee. It all came back so fresh and raw.

I’d have to say my disgust lies more with the 40% or so of Americans who look at Trump and see their idea of a great president. Far from ending his career, I think this will only burnish his reputation among the faithful.

Peter Scofield, Corona del Mar


To the editor: Those seeking to somehow still defend the former president have latched on to a single moment in Hutchinson’s chilling testimony — the fact that she testified she was told by Secret Service official Anthony Ornato of a violent incident in the presidential limousine.

Ornato denies this, resulting in a he said-she said standoff.

Fine. But whether true or not, that story pales in comparison to a firsthand account that Hutchinson testified to regarding the president knowingly sending armed supporters to the U.S. Capitol. That alone is the most damning testimony so far.

And the fact that there has been no credible rebuff from the former president’s supporters tells you all you need to know.

Norman Weston, Long Beach