Letters to the Editor: Is Biden really flailing, or is the problem just bad punditry?

President Biden speaks during a White House event
President Biden speaks during a White House event celebrating the enactment of gun legislation on July 11.
(Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s column “Where did Biden go wrong?” mentions poll numbers, a decision to “go big” in pursuit of a partisan new New Deal, anger among progressives about recent Supreme Court decisions, President Biden’s view of an old-style Democratic coalition, and Biden’s vanity in wanting to be seen as a “transformational” president.

A litany of assertions on many points, none with supporting fact, and none of which fits within a framework of what the print edition headline calls a “dangerous turn to the left.”

Goldberg makes a wonderful word soufflé, generating much volume with little substance. Perhaps he should be offered a column on cooking.


Jim Brunet, Santa Monica


To the editor: Goldberg claims Biden’s “vanity,” placating “the left” and claiming with certainty “the prospect of outshining Barack Obama as a transformational president” have helped drive down poll numbers and sow disapproval among Democrats.

Goldberg spins this story without a mention that Biden’s leftist kind of support for abortion rights, for one example, has bipartisan support among voters, or that our entire political landscape is discombobulated by a majority of Republicans believing Donald Trump is still legally president and our elections are fraudulent if Democrats win.

Biden is president in the strangest political landscape we’ve seen in 100 years. We have an ex-president who won’t concede his loss, the Russia-Ukraine war and a pandemic with Trump-supporting anti-vaccine “freedom” aiding in preventing the end of COVID-19.

If this letter seems to be a beginner’s guide of how to write with incoherence and obfuscation, read Goldberg’s column for a master class.

Mark Davidson, Santa Ana