Letters to the Editor: Rampant poverty, obscene wealth: Are we in for another revolution?

Guests enjoy a penthouse patio during a VIP event at an  exclusive condo.
Guests enjoy a penthouse patio during a VIP event at 8899 Beverly, one of the most exclusive condo residences ever built, in West Hollywood on June 15.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: How interesting. On the front page of Friday’s print edition of the Los Angeles Times, you had an extensive article about the Saban Community Clinic on wheels. The piece was a very sad look at the lengths homeless people have to go to get their health treated.

Then, right below I saw your article about a $50-million condo for sale in West Hollywood. The buyers will be attended to by “personal concierges,” instead of the doctors and nurses providing care for unhoused people.

What a dichotomy. If anyone ever doubted the inequities rampant in our culture, all they have to do is read Friday’s front page. These two articles right next to each other said it all.


Linda Cooper, Studio City


To the editor: People on the ground level are having a hard time paying for a roof over their heads and worrying about climate change destroying what little they have. There are more homeless people than I’ve ever seen wandering the streets. Everything costs more than it used to.

Meanwhile, we have a bunch of rich people in sunglasses (at night), up on their lofty perch munching on caviar and truffles and contributing to global warming by flying in gardenias from the San Francisco Bay Area, trying to get some billionaire (who’s definitely woefully underpaying their staff) to drop more money on a second or third pied-à-terre.

The rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, leaving the burden on the rest of us. Corporations and billionaires are the most egregious contributors to climate change, yet blame us for taking showers more than five minutes long.

We’re at a breaking point. Have they learned nothing from the French Revolution? Unless they change their ways and actually trickle down some shekels for the rest of us, we’re on the verge of repeating history. And I’ll be standing by with the popcorn.

Sol Taylor, Riverside



To the editor: Thank you for your continuing sensitive and compassionate reporting on our homeless population.

I don’t know what has me more upset: the people who botched the Section 8 housing voucher system, or the heartbreaking story of Jose Luis Camargo. Most upsetting is knowing that his adult children have not come to his aid and that he has been abandoned to a degree by a sister.

Realities like these make me continue to lose faith in humanity. We need to do better.

Rosemary Chiaverini, Sherman Oaks