Letters to the Editor: The ‘rich, entitled insufferables’ at L.A.’s new social clubs

The Aster in Hollywood, which opened in August, is one of a number of exclusive, private clubs opening in Los Angeles.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your article on the new members-only social clubs popping up around Los Angeles was a distressing example of the “meism” culture we have succumbed to nowadays. Instead of paying lip service to the illusion of exclusivity, power and cachet, your words would have been more appropriate for a critical editorial. (“L.A.’s rich are rushing to join a new class of members-only clubs — if they can get in,” Sept. 9)

One club member state that “people really wanted to make their circles smaller ... to ensure discretion.” This sense of social insulation offers new meaning to the expression “my club.”

In his book “Sapiens,” historian Yuval Noah Harari says it best: “With self-made gods to keep us company, we are accountable to no one ... seeking little more than our own comfort and entertainment, yet never finding satisfaction.”

William K. Solberg, Los Angeles



To the editor: Oh, please! Why did The Times devote front-page space to a story about a bunch of insecure rich people ponying up tens of thousands of dollars to belong to exclusive private clubs?

When our region has significant issues of housing, poverty, drug addiction, abuse, police brutality, unemployment and crime, all desperately needing our full attention to resolve, The Times chose to cover this small group of elites who use their money to run away from these problems and hide in their castles of egomania.

Please cover the real news, not the faux news of faux elites.

Donald Bentley, La Puente


To the editor: I’m glad there are a places that attract the rich, entitled insufferables, so I won’t have to put up with them where I go.

David Fink, Los Angeles