Letters to the Editor: Yes, Karen Bass can be pro-gun control while owning guns

Rep. Karen Bass and Rick Caruso onstage at their mayoral candidates' debate on Sept. 21.
Rep. Karen Bass and Rick Caruso begin their mayoral candidates’ debate in Los Angeles on Sept. 21.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Los Angeles is fortunate to have two well qualified candidates for mayor, and I believe Rep. Karen Bass or Rick Caruso would do a good job. But I have to agree with columnist Erika D. Smith that recent questions over where and how Bass stored her two firearms that were stolen from her house in a burglary are irrelevant and offensive.

Even though I favor Bass, I would have the same attitude if Caruso had been the victim. There is no contradiction between favoring gun control, working to reduce gun violence and possessing firearms for self defense. Most gun owners favor varying forms of regulation for gun possession.

Caruso claims he himself does not possess firearms, and whether he does or not is nobody’s business. On what should be a non-issue, Bass clearly is the victim of an attempt by her opponent to stir the pot and muddy the waters.


Mr. Caruso, this is clearly beneath you. Please engage with the real issues of the campaign.

Douglas Clark, Los Angeles


To the editor: Storing a gun safely sometimes requires more than what is required by the law. The Bass stolen gun story is an opportunity to explore the issue. This is the teachable moment.

Mark Janssen, Yorba Linda