Letters to the Editor: The number you can text if you’re in a mental health crisis

Among the services for people experiencing a mental health emergency is the Crisis Text Line at 741741.
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To the editor: As a licensed clinical therapist, I appreciate The Times devoting a separate and comprehensive section to many facets of mental health, including the psychological and emotional fallout from the pandemic.

The crisis hotline listings were a useful addition, though I would add to the list the Crisis Text Line (text 741741), for which I volunteer.

Since its inception in 2013, the service has helped more than 7 million texters in crisis. It’s been a lifesaver for some texters — literally — and demographic data reflect its appeal to younger people, likely because they are more comfortable communicating by text.


Adam Berenson, Upland


To the editor: Thank you for the comprehensive section about various aspects of mental health, and the resources to manage it for the family and the person experiencing the problems. It’s very educational.

But I saw a big hole in the lack of focus on peer-led support groups. There are many 12-step programs, Recovery International (based on cognitive behavioral therapy) and others. For some, these groups are all that’s needed, and for others they are an important adjunct to professional care.

I hope you will do more soon to focus on their value.

Celinda Jungheim, Marina del Rey