Letters to the Editor: $100 million in campaign spending doesn’t show you care

L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso gestures with his hands while he sits in a chair and speaks.
L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso speaks during a forum held at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles on Wednesday.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: After reading yet again about the amount of money Rick Caruso is spending on his campaign for mayor of Los Angeles, and watching ad after ad for and against Propositions 26 and 27, I wonder about all that money being spent.

Want to help solve the homeless crisis? Want to support less fortunate tribes?

What if they took all that money and spent it instead to directly support these causes? Free publicity about that effort might even get you elected.

Ellen Klein, Los Angeles



To the editor: The Times’ thumb-on-the-scale coverage of the mayoral race continues with its most recent articles on Caruso’s spending.

I say kudos to him. He is putting his money where his mouth is, and with The Times running interference for his opponent Rep. Karen Bass, Caruso should be commended for using the main tool he has: his success.

Chuck Heinz, West Hills


To the editor: Spending a projected $100 million-plus in a bid to become L.A.’s next mayor — talk about utterly divorced from reality.

If Caruso’s interest truly is to help Los Angeles, I can think of 100 million ways that amount of money could be spent.

William Gutman, Los Angeles