Letters to the Editor: Colorado shooting doesn’t change this: LGBTQ+ people exist. Always have, always will

Bouquets of flowers and signs at a makeshift memorial to shooting victims are seen at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Bouquets of flowers and signs at a makeshift memorial to shooting victims are seen at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Nov. 20.
(Jason Connolly / AFP via Getty Images)

To the editor: I exist. I exist along with millions of other LGBTQ+ people in the United States. (“At least 5 killed in shooting at gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, police say,” Nov. 20)

You cannot ignore us. You cannot simply say we are not to be mentioned in “polite company.” You cannot hide us, like dirty laundry, from your children.

We exist. We have existed from the beginning of time and will exist until the end. We exist in every society. We exist in your own families.


We say gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer. We proudly say LGBTQ+. Some of your siblings are LGBTQ+, as are some of your children.

Our battle is their battle. Our fight is their fight. We will not stop. We will not give up. We are fighting for our very existence. We are fighting for our rights.

We are not freaks. We exist. Remember that simple fact.

Robyn Angelique Harvey, Madera, Calif.


To the editor: I once again awakened to news of a horrific mass shooting at a gay club — a club to which my daughter or yours might have gone to find a safe space to be herself.

Don’t you tell me not to “politicize” this “tragic” event. You, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, the scene of the Pulse nightclub massacre. You, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, the scene of this slaughter.

You, lawmakers nationwide who have introduced more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the past year.


You, people who have denied my grandchild a safe space at school by the simple display of a flag of welcome; banned books that allow my child to see herself in the world; and “protected” your grandchildren from knowing that my grandchildren have two loving mothers, much less from being taught to love and include them.

You, people who have championed your children’s right to buy a gun, some who might kill mine.

Allow me my grief and rage at the murder of those who had a right to a night’s fun — a right forever taken away by someone armed with a weapon and a hateful heart that you gave him.

Karen Ward, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: Ever since Donald Trump entered the national political realm in 2015, haters have to come out of the shadows to spew their invective in GOP primaries, Congress and state legislatures.

And speaking of GOP politicians who have practiced this dark art of campaign bombast, one needs to look no further than here in California, specifically to the state Assembly district in Santee, near San Diego.

MAGA Republican Assemblyman Randy Voepel holds that seat. This extreme right winger just happens to be the grandfather of the alleged Colorado shooter.

Vile, despicable speech sometimes contributes to the carnage we witnessed in Colorado, where five people were killed Sunday.

Bob Teigan, Santa Susana