Letters to the Editor: Don’t call the animal police on P-22. Euthanizing wildlife is unethical

Griffith Park mountain lion P-22.
(Miguel Ordeñana / Natural History Museum)

To the editor: The writing is on the wall. The experiment is over. It turns out there is such a thing as “bad publicity,” as Griffith Park cougar P-22 is doomed to be caught, “evaluated” and then likely euthanized. All this because a mountain lion behaved like a lion and hunted in broad daylight.

We need to stop playing God with animals. While the morality of capturing a known active predator is up for debate, our willingness and ability to “euthanize” a wild animal that follows its instincts has always been and remains unethical.

Readers who spot P-22 should not call authorities — unless they wish to conspire toward the lion’s medically approved death.


Ivan Borodin, Hollywood


To the editor: P-22 has lived successfully in the smallest male mountain lion territory ever, right smack in the middle of Los Angeles. Griffith Park has been his home for more than 10 years. He has caused no harm until recently.

Please allow him to retire at the Los Angeles Zoo, where he can receive excellent care by experienced staff.

Speaking of the zoo, Billy would not be alive if the zoo hadn’t rescued the little elephant in Malaysia, where he was found chained and swaying. As an L.A. Zoo visitor for more than 50 years and a docent for 40 of them, I believe Billy should not be forced from his successful home nor away from those who have cared for him all these years.

The people watching over Billy know much more about animal care than city council members and celebrities.

Betty Dunbar, Hermosa Beach