Letters to the Editor: Why can’t Kevin de León spare us a recall and just resign?

City Councilman Kevin de León is shown seated during a meeting.
City Councilman Kevin de León during a meeting Dec. 13.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de León, like Narcissus, is unable to stop gazing at his own reflection in the pool of water. Or in De León’s case, he is too self-absorbed to resign from the council and let our city heal. (“Five reasons to sign the Kevin de León recall petition,” editorial, Dec. 16)

His narcissism is stunning. Why does he not see he is drowning?

Hopefully a successful petition to place a recall on the ballot will help him see reality. If not, maybe he can sell some “Super Kevin” digital trading cards to finance his campaign to remain in office.

Pamela Higgins, Northridge



To the editor: De León is a longtime politician. He has no intention of resigning from office. He would not know what to do with his life otherwise. He would never give up a $218,000 salary for the next two years.

And by the way, in a very Trump-like fashion, he said he will not be resigning because only he can fix the problems in his district. Such arrogance!

All this, while looking down the barrel of a potentially successful recall that could cost taxpayers a lot of money. His self-interest will not permit him to do the right thing, lamentably.

And the beat goes on.

David Furman, La Verne