Letters to the Editor: What Republicans aren’t doing that would truly respect life

Abortion rights advocates demonstrate in Hollywood on July 9.
Abortion rights advocates demonstrate July 9 in Hollywood.
(David McNew / Getty Images)

To the editor: It would be nice if the Republican antiabortion movement stopped lying about its respect for life. (“The abortion issue hurt Republicans in 2022. So why would they double down in 2024?” column, Feb. 9)

According to the Guttmacher Institute, women seeking an abortion tend to be ethnic minorities and low-income. Preventing these women from obtaining reproductive services simply means more and more people vying for low-wage jobs. There will always be such jobs, and Republicans are creating a never-ending loop of bodies to be exploited.

If they were so concerned about the sanctity of life, they would improve the feeding, clothing and education of these children.


Melissa Verdugo, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: Life begins when the human egg is fertilized. Calling the unborn less than human is what some people did in Europe last century.

All people of reproductive age should act responsibly to end abortion, not just Republicans. Globally, we are killing millions of people per year.

Benedict Lucchese, Camarillo


To the editor: It’s been a few years since I took political science in college, but if memory serves, I believe the difference between Democrats and Republicans was stated as Democrats want more and larger government intrusion in our lives, while Republicans supposedly want less.

How can that be reconciled with the Republican Party’s desire to have government interfere with an individual’s decision regarding abortion? I personally disagree with abortion, but in no way do I consider it my right to force my choices on someone else.

Dale S. Weikel, Bullhead City, Ariz.


To the editor: As Robin Abcarian notes, one federal judge in Texas may soon issue a ruling that could pull abortion pills off the market nationwide.

I may be missing something, but why is no one pointing out the legal absurdity of saying only the states should make abortion rules, and then saying a federal judge can ban abortion pills nationwide? This is classic totalitarian reasoning.

The antiabortion campaign is an attack on everyone’s democracy and freedom, not just on a woman’s right to control her own body.

Sue Nash, Santa Monica