Letters to the Editor: Lab-grown meat for wealthy vegetarians? Let’s try feeding everyone first

A chicken dish made with meat grown from animal cells by the Alameda-based company Good Meat.
(Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)
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To the editor: It is interesting to know that a quality food product will eventually be available to the wealthy that eliminates ethical concerns for animal-loving patrons. Of course, products for diners who are financially capable vegans or vegetarians have already been developed. (“U.S. approves its first lab-grown meat — chicken made by two California companies,” June 22)

I look forward to the day when food production and availability for the food-deprived can be accomplished without the need for a profit. That will be a scientific miracle.

Stuart Fischman, Mission Viejo



To the editor: The article on lab-grown meat was enlightening but also somewhat cautious. Research and engineering on this problem is robust and will likely produce viable products. This idea solves myriad problems, including animal welfare, environmental pollution and the overuse of antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

Not mentioned is the concept that exotic meats such as elk and bison can be lab-grown. There should be no reason to manufacture cheap cuts anymore.

I look forward to the day when I can bypass the top sirloin and tilapia and go straight for the (lab-grown) New York strip and Chilean sea bass.

Kirk Moffitt, La Quinta