Letters to the Editor: Finding low-cost energy solutions without damaging the economy

A pump jack in Oklahoma City.
(Sue Ogrocki / Associated Press)

To the editor: Former Obama advisor David Axelrod tweeted: “One of the things that galls Americans about our politics is the impulse of politicians to weaponize problems for political profit instead of solving them.”

Sadly, this Editorial Board too often weaponizes energy realities while demonizing our industry. Energy realities are tough. They’re not free.

As your own columnist Gustavo Arellano wrote last year, banning energy makes for bad policy that only works for wealthy Californians.


Energy realities must be explained for all citizens, especially young people. Everyone embraces the idea of free and low-cost energy solutions, but the actual costs of a rushed transition will devastate those same young people’s economic future.

“Bans in the name of saving the Earth almost always fall on the very people they claim to uplift.” Arellano said it perfectly. We in oil and gas welcome your time to show how we are indeed operating in good faith.

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, president and chief executive, Western States Petroleum Association, Sacramento