Letters to the Editor: The frightening historical parallel for Trump’s mugshot

Former President Trump's booking photo if him scowling.
Former President Trump’s booking photo in Fulton County, Ga., taken Thursday.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Saturday’s letters talked largely about The Times’ placement of former President Trump’s jail mug shot inside the paper. The response was, as is so often the case, 50-50.

However, as for analyzing the content and the portent of the photo, I suggest a look at former Republican operative Steve Schmidt’s blog “The Warning,” which juxtaposed Trump’s picture with a frighteningly similar one of Adolf Hitler.

The booking photo taken at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta signals that Trump is going to get back at everyone who said a word against him. So, it’s a good thing that all but two candidates on the Republican debate stage last week raised their hands to show loyalty to the leader.


Trump could get convicted and still win the GOP nomination and even the 2024 election. Let’s not forget that Hitler spent a year in jail before becoming chancellor of Germany. If people don’t vote against Trump in droves to overcome the electoral college, this country will go the way of other former democracies.

I fear fascism can happen here.

Margo Kasdan, Seal Beach


To the editor: Trump’s mug shot from Atlanta is one for the ages. His intentional offering of an “evil eye” is fortuitous, as if he is asking us to remember, “My evil eye calls the shots.”

He cannot help but reveal his hatred for losing control. His election lies have become part of his identity and contoured the ethos of his being. As a licensed therapist, I see a forceful, frightened child making a face — an adult child.

Trump’s potential for harm to both individuals and the fabric of this country stabs at the heart of humanity. Many who enable him are equally harmful to democracy.

One thing is sure: There are many remedies to neutralize the “evil eye.” I will add one more: Know the light in your own eyes is more powerful than any evil. And take action with that knowledge.


Marc Aronoff, Lenox, Mass.


To the editor: Much has been said about the printing of the Trump mug shot. But the photo that was much more alarming to me was the one of the eight Republican candidates during their first debate, with six raising their hand to indicate that if Trump were to be a convicted felon by the 2024 election, they would still support him.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in particular, who is more qualified than anyone on that stage and who had done so well during the debate up to that point, absolutely hurt herself with that hand raise. I am disgusted.

Christina Anderson, Hacienda Heights


To the editor: As for readers asking The Times not to print any more photos of Trump, I submit that his mug shot from Georgia be the only exception. Please feel free to use it whenever you need to refer to the former president.

This photo truly captures his true self — a bully and would-be tyrant trying to cow all who gaze upon it.

Theresa Stolle, San Pedro