Letters to the Editor: U.S. double standard on Israel is going to kill a lot of innocent Palestinians

Huge cloud of dark smoke rises over buildings
Israel’s military carried out airstrikes in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Oct. 12, 2023.
(Hatem Ali / Associated Press)
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To the editor: It is beyond heartbreaking and disappointing to see the double standards held by U.S. leaders on Israel and Palestine.

Discussing the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said that any country “faced with what Israel has suffered would likely do the same.” Does Blinken therefore believe the Palestinians should retaliate for what they have been suffering the last 75 years and increasingly the last 18 months?

The Palestinians have been dehumanized, had their homes and land stolen from them and have been caged in, their movements restricted and their ability to earn a livelihood limited. Innocent civilians have been killed by the Israel Defense Forces. The U.S. must recognize these atrocities and stop the genocide.


The U.S. needs to stand against racial colonialism and speak against the aggression committed against the Palestinians. The U.S. should stand for justice for all, no matter a people’s race or religion.

Asma Farukhi, Buena Park


To the editor: War is hell. As a fellow human, I have a great deal of sympathy for the fear that Palestinian-British writer Emad Moussa is feeling for the safety of his loved ones in Gaza.

But for Moussa to imply that the trajectory of Israel’s actions points to a potential genocide simply defies reason.

Bombing an area is an act of war, not genocide. Dropping leaflets urging civilians to evacuate an area so their lives will be spared (an approach that Israel’s foes certainly do not take) is not genocide.

It is Hamas, with its stated aim of killing Jews and its unspeakably horrific actions on Oct. 7, that is genocidal. It is Hamas, with its long history of using the Palestinian people as human shields, including urging Gazans not to evacuate now, that is genocidal.


Moussa and those demonstrating in support of this terrorist organization need to come to terms with this fact.

Linda Coss, Lake Forest


To the editor: Hamas is a barbaric organization. On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making an enormous mistake.

In the process of invading Gaza in order to destroy Hamas, Israeli forces will inadvertently kill thousands of innocent people. This will only produce future recruits to a reconstructed Hamas or whatever other organization arises with the goal of destroying Israel.

I’m afraid we are in for a prolonged and probably vastly expanded conflict that could eventually involve the U.S.

Marc Weiner, Ladera Ranch



To the editor: Since Oct. 7, I have followed with heartbreaking sadness the deaths, injuries and destruction that have ensued. I pray for an end to this violence.

As a Black American who participated in the 1960s civil rights revolution, I have a deep personal concern about the evil nature of racial and religious hatred wherever it rears its ugly head in our world.

I was already greatly distressed about the war in Ukraine and also the conflicts in Africa that seem to be endless with the loss of precious human life that results.

The American civil rights revolution glaringly revealed the deep levels of racial hatred that existed in our own country and that unfortunately still exist. The worldwide conflicts of today are no less revealing.

My prayer is that we all learn to be more tolerant of our differences, recognize our similarities and live in peace and harmony.

Roberta Jones-Booker, Los Angeles