Letters to the Editor: Jews just faced our worst massacre since the Holocaust. Here’s what we need now

A man holds his head in his hands with an Israeli flag next to him and burning candles in front of him
A man mourns at a makeshift memorial in Tel Aviv on Oct. 18 to Israelis killed in the Oct. 7 Hamas.
(Ahmad Gharabli / AFP via Getty Images)
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To the editor: The rounding up and massacring of Jews by Hamas at their homes on Oct. 7 reminds me of the Nazis showing up at my grandfather’s door in Germany almost 83 years ago to deport and ultimately murder him. Many American Jews have similar memories of their relatives who died in the Holocaust.

That’s why the attack by Hamas has hit a nerve with so many of us.

Many American Jews like me believe in a two-state solution. Right now, we need compassion from other Americans during this grieving period and not a lecture on how the U.S. should orchestrate a peaceful solution.

It’s like showing up to a friend’s house for a shivah visit during mourning and asking them why their deceased family member smoked or what they plan to do next year to improve their own health.


I’ll be able to advocate for a two-state solution later on. Right now, I’m still too much in shock and grief to think about the future.

Steven Lutzer, Los Angeles


To the editor: I am of the Jewish faith, and I have known antisemitism all my life. Many other Jewish people also know the agony it has caused.

Hamas wants to annihilate Jews. My question to them is, “Why?”

We Jews are a very small group of people, wanting a country of our own, so we can try to survive, prosper and live in peace. We have contributed in many ways to humanity, trying to create a peaceful world.

I’m very proud to be of the Jewish faith, and we will never be annihilated by the likes of Hamas or any other evil terrorist group.

Lois Eisenberg, Valencia



To the editor: Just as the extreme MAGA Republicans refuse to believe Trump lost the election, many supporters of the Palestinians refuse to believe the catastrophe at the hospital in Gaza was caused by an errant rocket fired by the group Islamic Jihad.

But facts matter. It’s just a fact that there was no impact crater consistent with an Israeli missile attack. Instead, as you reported, there was a fireball, entirely consistent with residual fuel from a failed launch.

We can only hope and pray that cooler heads prevail, both abroad and in the U.S., among those who, like me, support independence for Palestinians but abhor the terrorism of Hamas.

Scott McKenzie, La Cañada Flintridge