Letters to the Editor: Palestinian children deserve to live in peace. That will only happen with Hamas gone

Injured Palestinian children undergo medical treatment
Injured Palestinian children undergo medical treatment at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip on Nov. 16.
(Ahmad Hasaballah / Getty Images)

To the editor: I do feel sorry for Yaqeen Baker, a pregnant Palestinian woman who would just like to live in peace. (“I am nine months pregnant and living in Gaza. Will my baby first hear my voice or bombs?” Opinion, Nov. 14)

However, she lives in the Gaza Strip, whose government, run by Hamas, did not leave its neighbors in Israel to live in peace. Instead, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel in a horrendous way, killing more than 1,200 Israelis and kidnapping more than 200 on Oct. 7.

Israel has an obligation to its citizens to go after Hamas, as most Western governments recognize. Hamas uses its own civilians as human shields for its terrorist members. Israel cannot accept that approach as a reason not to go after Hamas. No country would.


Israeli citizens also deserve to live without constantly being attacked by Hamas, Hezbollah or other terrorists.

With Hamas gone — and the sooner that happens, the better — this woman will get her wish to live in peace.

Mark Reichard, San Pedro


To the editor: I read with sympathy and sadness the plight of a Palestinian mother-to be in Gaza. What is happening is truly horrible.

What is also horrible is the plight of Israeli mothers who had their own children taken from them during Hamas’ planned terrorist attack. While we read about “Israel bombing Gaza” in Baker’s piece, we see nothing about why this happened.

The incursion of Hamas into Israel was totally unprovoked. It was an attack against sleeping families. Parents were murdered in front of their children, and others were brutally kidnapped.


The Palestinians are suffering because of Hamas, and so are the Israelis. Both should be discussed and saved. Both.

Mel Birken, Northridge


To the editor: Baker writes her story as if Israel just decided to start bombing Gaza on Oct. 7.

Do the people of Gaza even know why this is happening? Has Hamas not allowed that news to be made public? Do they truly not have an understanding that it was Hamas that put all of this into action?

I can’t even imagine what Baker is going through, but none of this would be happening if it was not for Hamas.

I hurt for the people of Gaza, but when their governing body’s objective is the destruction of the Jewish people and state of Israel, they need to at least acknowledge how this conflict came to be.

Holly Gordon, Fountain Valley