Letters to the Editor: Why would LAPD officers use guns in a knife fight?

Officers stand around a police vehicle and yellow caution tape.
An investigation followed after a knife-wielding man, who had attacked a victim with a machete, was shot to death by LAPD officers outside a restaurant in Calabasas.
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To the editor: Yet again, LAPD officers have killed mentally ill Angelenos with impunity. We do not need more internal investigations or inadequate training, which is squarely aimed at officers being lightly reprimanded or acquitted rather than criminally charged.

We do not need taxpayer funds diverted from mental health services to law enforcement so that afflicted Angelenos aren’t properly cared for and in a position to engage in threatening behavior in the first place.

Fatally shooting someone because backup didn’t arrive in a timely manner isn’t self-defense or part of the job. It’s manslaughter.


James Sarantinos, Los Angeles


To the editor: I invite anyone who questions why police shoot mentally disturbed people attacking with edged weapons to watch the horrific body cam video of Las Cruces Police Officer Jonah Hernandez being killed by someone with a knife a few months ago. No reputable self-defense expert would recommend hand-to-hand combat skills against a knife, as suggested by former police Commissioner William Briggs. The whole article reeks of clowns on the sidelines telling NBA players how to play basketball.

Chris Duke, Simi Valley