Ted Cruz likes Dr. Seuss? Well, here’s his very own Seuss poem.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks to reporters after his marathon address on the Senate floor over Obamacare.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks to reporters after his marathon address on the Senate floor over Obamacare.
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Not only did Sen. Ted Cruz’s “filibuster” against Obamacare fail, but his choice of reading material during the 21-hour talkathon -- or as my colleague Paul Whitefield called it, “the first [speech] of his 2016 presidential bid” -- didn’t exactly sync with Cruz’s worldview.

The tea party firebrand read the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham,” to which Op-Ed contributor Peter Dreier says: “He clearly missed its message.”

In our Opinion pages, Dreier writes:

In the Seuss tale, Sam-I-Am, a lover of green eggs and ham, tries to persuade a friend to try them. But the man resists. He resists so persistently and so adamantly that he ends up sounding a lot like the Republicans on Capitol Hill who are determined to defund President Obama’s healthcare law. But in the Seuss story, the man is finally persuaded to try the offending eggs and ham, and, much to his surprise, he loves them.


If only the GOP would take a page from that book.

In fact, says Dreier, the GOP ought to “embrace Dr. Seuss as the go-to author for future filibusters.” Why? Because Dr. Seuss (née Theodor Geisel) “was often a moralist.”

Dreier points to a few Dr. Seuss titles to get the GOP going in “Dr. Seuss goes to Washington.” All brilliant suggestions.

And here’s a Dr. Seuss-style poem written by Dreier to Cruz:


Cruz does not like Obamacare

He doesn’t like to care or share

He doesn’t want to help the poor

He wants the rich to just have more


He likes to bully folks around

His own voice is his favorite sound

If Dr. Seuss had met Ted Cruz

He’d tell him, “Ted, I hope you lose.”



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