Readers React: The Rams are back in L.A.? Big deal.

Los Angeles Rams fans

Football fans cheer for the return of the Rams to Los Angeles on the site of the old Hollywood Park horse-racing track in Inglewood on Jan. 12. 

(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

To the editor: The announcement by the NFL of the second coming of the Rams to Los Angeles is not, as the headline and entire above-the-fold front page of Wednesday’s Times seems to shout, as important as the second coming of the Messiah. (“NFL will return to Los Angeles for 2016 season,” Jan. 12)

It is, actually, not nearly as important as other events that took place throughout the world the same day that were featured less prominently in Wednesday’s edition.

Los Angeles is a sophisticated and complex metropolis; only a few of its millions of residents will ever have their lives affected by the presence of a professional football franchise here, and fewer still will ever attend a professional football game. So why the excitement?

Art Walsh, Altadena



To the editor: This is a dark day for Los Angeles.

I don’t understand: If your mercurial lover left you for another and then 20 years later said, “Yeah, you can have me back, but only if you pay millions without any guarantees that I’ll stay,” what would you think?

And yet this is what those who want the NFL to return to Los Angeles are saying.


Stephen Burns, Los Angeles


To the editor: I was a Rams season-ticket holder when they were here before they left for St. Louis in 1995, and I’m happy to welcome them back — so long as they pay their own way in their return to Los Angeles and do not get money from taxpayers.

I didn’t want the Chargers to come to Los Angeles. With their present owner, they will never win a Super Bowl. But with the Rams here, it would be OK to have another team that will always be a loser.

Robert Cole, Bellflower


To the editor: I offer my congratulations to Los Angeles for convincing Rams owner Stan Kroenke that he needed an increase in his already substantial net worth. Unless things improve on the field though, his multi-billion dollar palace will look great with 50,000 people dressed as empty seats on Sundays.

Things will probably improve, since Kroenke needed to destroy his team’s prospects here in the St. Louis market. Let’s hope they do, because right now the Lakers look better than the Rams have.


One reminder: The Los Angeles Rams never won a Super Bowl. You may get our team, but the Greatest Show on Turf is ours forever.

Chris Perkins, Doe Run, Mo.


To the editor: At dinner recently, my friend and I were discussing who people revere as “gods” in the world. In Russia, he said, it’s engineers; in America, it’s doctors and athletes.

Wednesday’s Times devoted most of the front page to the return of the Rams to L.A. Way down in the left corner, there was a tiny article on our president’s State of the Union address.

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

Ellen Butterfield, Studio City 

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