Gaving Newsom's rational support of legalizing pot

To the editor: It is disconcerting to think that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, in his run for governor, would be "taking a gamble" in backing the legalization of marijuana. ("Gavin Newsom takes risk by seeking to legalize recreational pot use," April 6)

What are the downsides of marijuana prohibition?


- It tears apart families as mothers and fathers are hauled off to jail.

- It leaves families economically destitute as property is confiscated.

- It affects primarily the most vulnerable: the poor and people of color.

- It forces our youth to deal with drug cartels, which terrorize people south of the border, when they want to experiment with marijuana.

What are the upsides? There is maybe one: A few people don't smoke marijuana who otherwise might.

I'm a 76-year-old non-smoker (of anything) who fully supports Newsom's efforts to humanize the distribution, sale and use of marijuana in California.

Clairice Veit, Encino

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