Readers React: Why can’t we watch the police?

To the editor: Unlike many countries in which officers are unarmed while performing routine duties on the streets, we have armed our police and given them the authority to kill members of our community as needed. (“Big test for police video in Gardena,” June 30)

After having been caught repeatedly killing innocent people, our police are now fighting to prevent their employers — us — from reviewing their job performance.

The police pretend that the release of videotapes of their workdays will violate the privacy rights of officers and civilians who are seen on tape.

The concern for civilians can easily be remedied, in the same way the police handle civilian privacy when the department is partnered with “reality” shows: You blur facial images and garble speech if a person won’t sign a privacy waiver.

As for the officers, how can police legitimately claim a privacy right regarding the performance of job duties in public places?


Aron Laub, Tarzana