Readers React: Resistance to mobility plan shows L.A.'s automobile addiction

To the editor: The lively traffic discussions carried in the pages of The Times certainly highlight the fact that things are not flowing smoothly out there. (“More New York-style ‘interactions’ with congestion? No thanks,” Readers React, Sept. 5)

As a lifelong L.A. County resident (and guilty party in our sordid transportation legacy), I’ve witnessed the unending push to expand road capacity. Our history glaringly demonstrates the flawed thinking that led us to believe we could build our way out of congestion, as though we were dealing with a sewage problem that could be solved with a bigger pipe.

In fact what we’ve done is build a system that’s uniquely suited to draining away the lifeblood of vibrant communities, a sprawl in which there’s no incentive to view our homes as more than comfortable parking spaces. Like motor addicts that crave more and more asphalt, the mere thought of weaning ourselves off this dependency conjures up a stream of excuses that are only multiplied with the first pains of a shaky withdrawal.

The answer lies in learning new (to us) ways of thinking locally rather than making it easier to get away from home.


Brian Bennett, La Verne


To the editor: How does L.A.'s Mobility Plan 2035 pass for wisdom? Has any analysis been conducted showing how business and employment will suffer by making it impossible to commute quickly? Will insurance be required for bike riders?

More insanity from local government is all it is.


Vince Antonino, Los Angeles

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