Letters: Going after Michelle Obama

Re “Let them drink water,” Opinion, Oct. 1

Is Jonah Goldberg seriously creating a political issue out of Michelle Obama’s absolutely apolitical suggestion to drink more water? Was there nothing else going on when he wrote this piece? Not the looming government shutdown?

Or perhaps he just thought it would be more fun to denigrate the first lady. Don’t we face more pressing problems than Michelle Obama’s encouragement of people to hydrate with pure water? What does liberal “noblesse oblige” have to do with turning on a tap and enjoying a glass of clean, unflavored liquid?

In all seriousness, is there no limit to how low Goldberg will stoop?


Rebecca S. Hertsgaard

Palm Desert

If I may comment on the “vague” claims made by Goldberg — similar to the “vague” claims he attributes to the first lady’s most recent public health campaign — it seems he has assigned the act of hydration “elitist status” by virtue of its endorsement by the current administration.

If Goldberg cannot accept in good faith Michelle Obama extolling the virtues of consuming water, what could possibly be left? Breathing air? No, that would be the “rarefied air” of liberal pretension.

I believe Goldberg’s most obvious point is that the first lady should just keep her mouth shut for the remainder of her husband’s term in office. At this point, even a doe-eyed endorsement of puppies and kittens would be seen by his ilk as a betrayal of the hardworking oxen and draft horses that built this great nation.

R.C. Price

San Clemente

What a waste of space Goldberg’s column was. To lament Michelle Obama’s encouragement that we all drink more water on the basis of some right-wing diatribe? Really? Does he believe anyone but tunnel-visioned ultra-conservatives are going to buy this?

This makes me want to get my news and opinions elsewhere. And oh, by the way, I’m a conservative.

John F. Smith

Studio City


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