Readers React: Ike’s prescience on the military/industrial complex

To the editor: President Eisenhower warned the U.S. about the military/industrial complex. To this day armament manufacturers have provided thousands of well-paying jobs to Americans. With the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reduced military budgets, there has been a reduction in those arms purchases. (“Military firms likely to benefit from airstrikes in Iraq, Syria,” Oct. 2)

Why are we in this war at all? Congress won’t vote for American infrastructure projects or other domestic spending proposals.

However, given any threat abroad and the need for more jobs at home, why not keep shooting those GPS-guided bombs? After all, the cost of those guidance systems is a mere $25,000 each.

Make war, make money, and no boots on the ground — perfect. Democrats and Republicans can both agree on this.


The military/industrial complex is alive and well.

Don Evans, Canoga Park

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