Readers React: A developer’s engineer vs. the state’s geologist

To the editor: The official state geologist, John Parrish, says the evidence shows that there is an earthquake fault beneath the site of two new proposed skyscrapers called the Millennium Hollywood project. The developer’s consultant, Michael D. Reader, says the state’s report is not correct. (“California geologist says quake fault lies beneath Hollywood project,” Nov. 6)

Parrish’s salary is paid by 38 million Californians. His credentials include a doctorate in geology from the University of Wales and a master’s from the University of Houston.

Reader is being paid by the developer. His credentials include a master’s degree in engineering from Cal State Long Beach.

Seismic-related destruction is not movie disaster fiction. Earthquakes have happened and will happen. When decisions are made, they should be made by considering recognized authority and on the side of caution.


Aaron M. Epstein, North Hollywood


To the editor: Though the developers of the Millennium project want to depict this part of Hollywood as a desolate stretch of barren land “littered with parking lots” in need of transformation into a new “urban hub,” this is far from the truth.

Within blocks from the proposed development, there already is a thriving urban hub, with the new W Hotel, the Pantages Theatre, the Fonda Theatre, Capitol Records, many brand new apartments and condo buildings and scores of flourishing restaurants and bars.


The only thing really needed in the neighborhood? More of those parking lots.

Paul Zollo, North Hollywood

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