Readers React: Republican candidates stoke the anti-Muslim fires

To the editor: Do any of the Republican candidates who were on the debate stage Tuesday night realize that their rhetoric about Muslims is only providing Islamic State with an excellent recruiting tool? (“Republicans’ sharp-elbowed presidential debate isn’t likely to shake many voters,” Dec. 16)

Young American Muslims are surely put off by these candidates’ comments; a small amount might even be moved to join a group like Islamic State in response to this hostility.

The comments by some candidates are also racist and are causing many non-Muslim terrorists to go after mosques and other innocent American Muslims in this country. Just because you’re a Muslim does not mean you are also a terrorist.

We have our own homegrown brand of terrorists right here in the good old USA, and the comments made by the candidates Tuesday night only fuel their hateful fires.


Michele Deady-Paano, Lakewood


To the editor: I didn’t learn much from the most recent Republican debate, but I did discover one important fact: Evidently, Hillary Clinton has been running the government for the last six years.

John Humble, Santa Monica

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