Donald Trump is anti-illegal immigration, not anti-immigration

To the editor: I read your article about conservative Latino evangelicals not embracing Donald Trump, and I find it curious that you consistently and conveniently omitted the word "illegal" preceding the word "immigration." ("Evangelicals are the kind of Latinos the GOP could be winning. But probably not with Donald Trump," May 23)

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez fears Trump will jeopardize the very future of Hispanic churches. His God is too small. Our Lord made it very clear that we are to obey the laws of the land.


Only Sergio De La Mora, a San Diego man who helps lead a large church, wasn't bothered by what you call Trump's "rhetoric." He clearly states why: because he and his congregants have long ties to the U.S. and little connection to illegal immigration. Could it be they have been faithful to God and obeyed the laws of the land?

Trump is against illegal immigration, not immigration.

Karen Dohm, Santa Barbara


To the editor: What can you say about evangelicals who don't care about their undocumented brethren being vilified because their congregation isn't connected to that community? And what can you say when evangelicals turn a blind eye to racism, multiple marriages and no need to ask God for guidance or forgiveness because, well, Trump's above all that?

What can you say? What would Jesus say?

Barry Davis, Agoura Hills

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