Readers React: Standing up to the NRA

To the editor: George Skelton notes (“More guns, but not safer,” Column, June 12) Gov. Jerry Brown’s concern over the “inconvenience to gun owners” should they have to go through a background check to buy ammo.

It is hard to believe that the governor I voted for would become one of the obstacles in California to enacting sane legislation to stop gun violence in our state.

Sheila Goldberg, Venice
The writer is a board member at Women Against Gun Violence.



My question after reading Skelton’s column is how bad does it have to get before Americans have the guts to challenge the National Rifle Assn.?

I should think that members of Congress would be embarrassed to take NRA money because they know what the organization is about: not the 2nd Amendment but selling guns. How many more people have to get killed before Americans and their elected officials will stand up to this lobby?

Susan Guber, Westlake Village



To the editor: Why wait for a shooting to occur at your local school before holding a (meaningless) candlelight vigil and memorial?

With the epidemic of shootings, the nationwide rollback of gun laws, the push for more “open carry” and the current lack of regulation, it would be more efficient to hold vigils at all schools now. To save time and money, combine the vigil with graduation ceremonies.

After all, the way we’re going, it is only a matter of time before a school is attacked.

Jon Merritt, Los Angeles

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