Readers React: $100 million for a wedding in India is an abomination

Isha Ambani, seen with two of her brothers, takes part in a traditional marriage ritual as part of a wedding reported to have cost about $100 million.
(AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: The people of India are on average very poor. Millions there live in squalid conditions.

Yet multibillionaire Mukesh Ambani decided that $100 million would be better spent on his daughter’s wedding than on improving the lot of his countrymen. I know it would have been an enormous sacrifice, but he probably could have thrown a decent wedding for her if he had only spent $50 million or so and used the rest to address the plight of so many of the Indian people.

I wonder how average Indians felt about this great event.

Alvin S. Michaelson, Marina del Rey


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