Readers React: The privately run Adelanto detention center for immigrants is a disgrace to this country

The immigrant detention center in Adelanto, Calif., in 2015.
(James Quigg / Associated Press)

To the editor: As a regular volunteer visitor for several years to the Adelanto ICE Processing Center, a detention facility for immigrants, I attest to the physical neglect and horrendous diet imposed on the people who are kept there. These are individuals who miss their children and are trying to support each other.

All I can do, after guards make me wait hours and reluctantly let me see prisoners, is listen to their stories and validate their humanity. Can’t our government do the same?

Nan Deane Cano, Westlake Village



To the editor: I see that ICE is taking “seriously” the allegations that the privately run immigrant detention facility in Adelanto fails to treat its detainees in a manner suitable to any human being.

I’ve noticed over the years, in many different situations, that “taking this matter seriously” is frequently code for, “We’ve been negligent in our oversight responsibilities, we’re sorry that we got caught, and after using a few Band-Aids to ameliorate the public outcry, we’ll return to our previous level of incompetence.”

Ronald P. Wolff, Claremont

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