Readers React: When did basic human comfort become a ‘frill’ on U.S. airlines?

Renee Schexnaildre
An American Airlines flight attendant demonstrates the overhead baggage area.
(Donna McWilliam / AP)

To the editor: Here’s why David Lazarus’ Netflix analogy doesn’t work when it comes to describing the indignity of flying with major airlines’ bare-bones “basic economy” fares: Free TV is basic, but it is still a pretty good product.

There’s a wide selection of watchable programs. If you’re willing to pay for more artistic merit and sophistication, there’s always HBO and other subscription channels. With the airlines, you have to upgrade for the essential products and services we used to get for free.

Since when has basic comfort become a “frill”?

Laura Owen, Pacific Palisades



To the editor: If Lazarus doesn’t like the service bought with “basic economy” airfares, then he is free to choose another class of service.

What is wrong with offering budget-minded customers a cheaper alternative? Just one more example of the media elite telling the masses what is good for them.

Gerry Swider, Sherman Oaks


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