Opinion: Angels Flight is more like Angels Blight

Pedestrians walk the stairway past the idle Angels Flight, which has been tagged with graffiti.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: My husband and I have lived on Bunker Hill for several years. At least five times a week we find ourselves walking up the stairs between a once-used park and the so-called city landmark Angels Flight.

These have been in disrepair and neglect since our arrival. (“Angels Flight gone to ... heck,” Sept. 10)

This is what thousands of tourists see as they make their way from the superb Grand Central Market up to or down from the museums on Grand, concerts at Disney Hall or California Plaza or opera and theater at the Music Center.

I cannot believe elected officials have been unaware of this disgrace.


Ronni Bedell, Los Angeles


To the editor: Regarding the deplorable condition of the once-proud Angels Flight now compounded by its recent graffiti attack, am I missing something? Isn’t this a Los Angeles icon? This historic monument deserves be restored to operation for Angelenos and tourists to once again enjoy.

David B. Housh, Glendora


To the editor: “The foundation and the community are very disappointed that someone would choose to denigrate a city landmark,” your article said.

The people of Los Angeles are very disappointed that the government of this city — which I am sure wastes enough taxpayer money every day that would pay for needed repairs, safety systems and maintenance — can’t figure out a way to get Angels Flight back on the rails and operating safely.

John Hazlet, Pasadena


To the editor: My family and I happened to be on that same stairway recently after visiting the Grand Central Market. I was sickened by the stench, not to mention the trash on the stairs. And the graffiti was the ghastly cherry on top. Ugh.

I felt ashamed that visitors, domestic and international, have to see the state of this local landmark.

Carl Addicott, Altadena


To the editor: In many European countries, spectacular funiculars take riders high into the mountains.

How exasperating that our supposedly world-class city can’t operate or even protect a funicular capable of taking riders a couple of hundred feet for a cup of latte. Time to change the name to Angels Blight.

Paul Bergman, Pasadena

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