Readers React: California voters had their chance to make a statement against Trump. They declined

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To the editor: It’s still happening — voter turnout remains lackluster.

Despite the damage that President Trump and his followers are wreaking on our democracy, more that two-thirds of voters are too lazy and too irresponsible to become informed and then to vote.

Afterward they complain. Many march in protest. Yes, our ballot in California was long and complex. But where is it written that things are supposed to be easy?


It is especially sad and infuriating that the passion from the students in Parkland, Fla., apparently did not affect voters in California. Nor are the bigoted and cruel policies of the Trump administration bringing to the polls more minority citizens.

People will use all sorts of excuses to shirk their basic civic responsibilities. And in the meantime the American experiment is faltering.

Gerald C. Davison, Los Angeles


To the editor: Columnist Steve Lopez really hit the nail on the head. Yes, there is an awful lot of apathy in California, and it is terribly sad to see it reflected in turnout.

While it is a great idea to be able to register to vote through those lengthy visits to DMV offices, it may be time to have all registered voters receive their ballots via mail. Emailing ballots is appealing, but with the amount of computer hacking that is rampant, it is not a viable solution.

It would be a wise idea to prohibit all political advertising 30 days prior to the actual election. The negative comments made by the various candidates against each other are a big reason why voters stay home. The various media outlets seem to relish publicizing negativity over the positives of the candidates.


California is a major player in our country, so it is important for every citizen to exercise the right to vote.

Randy Smith, Cathedral City


To the editor: Before every California sporting event for the rest of the week, this should be the announcement: “Please rise for the national anthem. If you were eligible to vote and didn’t, please remain seated.”

David Stout, Granada Hills

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