California voters are smart to completely reject the GOP

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - OCTOBER 26, 2017: Capitol building in Sacramento. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles
The state Capitol building in Sacramento.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: If only we lived in a country where, as columnist George Skelton writes, “politics is like private enterprise,” where “you either sell your product or perish.” Skelton elaborates, “California voters have not been buying Republican merchandise. So Democrats have monopolized the market.”

Rather than modifying their “wares” to better appeal to the voting public, Republicans in other parts of the country have pursued another means to obtain and retain power: by rigging the system.

Voter rolls are purged of people of color or immigrants. Polling locations in minority areas are limited, and early voting is restricted. Precinct maps are drawn to maximize Republican gains; notoriously, in the 2018 midterm in North Carolina, Democrats won 50% of the votes cast in House races yet reaped only one quarter of the seats.

Fortunately, our state seems to manage the election process more fairly. This could be a chicken-or-egg situation: Is it better because Democrats are in charge, or are Democrats in charge because it’s fairer?


Mike Diehl, Glendale

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