Readers React: There’s an off-the-shelf solution to climate change. But, Trump

World Leaders Arrive For The G20 Summit
President Trump walks off Air Force One as he arrives in Osaka, Japan, on June 27 for the G-20 Summit, where world leaders discussed climate change, among other issues.
(Tomohiro Ohsumi / TNS)

To the editor: President Trump is not addressing climate change. Although the climate crisis is dire and nonpartisan, as was made clear by the United Nations secretary general’s recent warning, our government is tangled and useless.

How ironic our species’ end would be when solutions to our demise had lain within easy reach.

The best first step is a price on carbon, with the revenues rebated to the American people. This is the judgment of Nobel Prize-winning economists and the National Academy of Sciences. This plan that would grow the economy, whereas our artificially hyped-up climate worsens it.

We continue to emit more and more carbon dioxide instead of less. When those in charge not only refuse to act but also undermine what we know about climate change and the remedies to it, that can only be described as criminal negligence on a global scale.


Jan Freed, Los Angeles


To the editor: I agree that the world is facing a grave climate emergency.

If, as U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says, “We are in a battle for our lives,” why isn’t this news on the L.A. Times’ front page? Maybe Anthony Davis will save the Lakers (a story about him appeared on the same day’s front page), but Guterres is talking about saving the planet.


Martha Stevens, Studio City

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