Readers React: The protests at USC are about treating a respected dean fairly, not defending an old boys’ network


To the editor: It is a matter of integrity to allow any employee who is accused of poor performance or misconduct to see the charges and to be given an opportunity to respond, and to do so before a final decision is made. This could be completed within a day or two. (“Congratulations, USC trustees. Your common sense has triumphed over bullying and hyperbole,” Dec. 14)

It is the case even or especially if the employee deserves termination. It is appalling that columnist Robin Abcarian cannot appreciate the potential consequences of abdicating fairness in favor of expedience.

If interim USC President Wanda Austin had allowed James Ellis to see the report on which she based her decision to remove him as the Marshall School of Business dean and listened to his side first before she had committed herself publicly to her cause, she would have set USC on the right path.


Ivo Welch, Los Angeles

The writer is a professor of finance and economics at UCLA.

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