Readers React: The DMV, where every Californian goes to not get helped


To the editor: Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the state has a similar story to that of Robin Abcarian’s father, who had to show up at the Culver City Department of Motor Vehicles office four times to take the same test because of “errors” like the wrong color ink being used to check a box on a form.

Not everything can be done online. When forced to go to the DMV, we gird ourselves for battle and acknowledge the likelihood of defeat.

Registering a car at the DMV, I got to a clerk after waiting an hour past my appointment time. She promptly refused the paperwork. When I asked why, I was told that I hadn’t signed in both places. I said I’d sign now and was told that was unacceptable.


It took a supervisor and a threat to write to the governor to get the complete paperwork accepted.

Dan Stern, Manhattan Beach

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