Readers React: Yeah, eyeglasses are too expensive. Let the market, not government, solve the problem


To the editor: Thanks to David Lazarus for his column on the high-priced, near-monopolistic market for eyeglasses. The fundamental question is whether this situation requires government regulation, or if competitive market forces can make the correction.

I have recently noticed a number of new players offering what appears to be great values. Having purchased most of my glasses from Costco, I know that retail pricing is certainly competitive.

Couple discount retailers with new discount specialists, and the market will figure this out far better than government regulators.


Craig Campbell, Palos Verdes Estates


To the editor: It should be noted that health insurance companies aren’t helping when it comes to patients who’d rather not buy from eyewear behemoth Luxottica.

I had hoped to use a discount retailer such as Warby Parker, but I cannot receive insurance benefits if I do. Even though Warby Parker and other discounters have frames that cost less than those sold at covered vendors such as Luxottica’s LensCrafters stores, I have no choice but to reward the monopoly or punish myself.

I can pay for insurance while also paying full price for glasses and lenses, or get my glasses for free or nearly free while rewarding the monopoly.

Timothy Hood, Greenwich, Conn.

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